Dummies and Pacifiers are Brilliant!

There. I said it.

Well they are!

Kind of…..

I mean, if you’ve ever had a bub that won’t sleep and they love a dummy, your whole world revolves around the darn thing!

Buuuut….they can become a problem.

Studies show that babies who suck dummies are more likely to have ear infections.

This could have something to do with bacteria on the dummy being in the mouth and getting into the inner auditory tube…….

Also research has shown that using it long term can have a detrimental effect on the developing shape of the teeth and the roof of the mouth.

Oh….and speech.

Ever tried talking with something in your mouth?

Yeah. Me too.

Not easy it is?

So what must it be like when you’re LEARNING to talk?

Not great.

Do you use a dummy and are starting to feel guilty?

Please don’t!

There are just a few important things to remember about dummies:

1. Try to stop using them by 6 months – that’s when babies start eating solids so they need to develop their chewing muscles….

2. A dummy is called a pacifier – so don’t use the the one unless you’re trying to calm your baby

3. Try to limit it just to sleep time

4. Don’t let them walk around with it all the time! Injuries can happen with toddlers and dummies. Plus they are trying to learn facial expressions and speech – give them a chance to do that.

Remember, sucking is developmentally normal in babies, but as babies grow, they grow out of it and learn the skills to chew…..so toddlers and dummies shouldn’t be a thing…..

Do you have issues with a dummy sucker at your place and don’t know where to start?

We’re always here…….contact us here in Townsville to make an appointment or CLICK HERE for a list of a recommended provider near you!

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