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Thumb sucking is like crack for kids…..

By July 18, 2018 No Comments

Well its not really…..

(But secretly, all you parents of suckers out there, can I get a “HELL YEAH!”)

Well its not that far from the truth to be honest!

When kids suck their fingers and thumbs, turns out there’s a bit of a Chemical Party that happens, and boy is it pumping!

All of these dudes called Dopamine, Serotonin and Endorphins rock up and create happy chilled little person who you can barely get any sense out of they’re so zonked out!

Well, in addition to this, new research shows that its not just these chemicals that create addiction.

In a recent article in National Geographic (Hijacking the Brain – get on it!), scientists are very interested in places in the brain they’ve nicknamed “Hot Spots”.

These little receptors flood with Dopamine when people simply find themselves in the environments or situations where their addictive behaviour takes place. This triggers a craving for the habit or addictive behaviour.

And over time, a “Rewards Loop” is created where a person doesn’t even have to be engaging in their behaviour to get a “chemical rush” reward.

Crazy huh!

So if you’ve ever witnessed your child glazing over and thumb going in when the tv is turned on or when they jump in the car, chances are, you’re witnessing this firsthand!

Ever uttered the words, “I don’t even think he realises when he does it….”

Yep! Chemical Party, Rewards Loop and Hot Spots all at play!

So whilst sucking is nowhere near as dangerous as a drug habit (Amen folks!), by understanding the nature of addiction actually can help our kids with their habits!

One simple trick?

Pop a figet toy, colouring book or putty/slime somewhere where they would normally pop their thumb in and break up that Rewards Loop!

Or give us a call or email……we’re here to help!

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Carla x