I heard having 4 kids was pretty much the same as having 3…..

I was like……who the HECK told you that lie????????

It sure is nuts….

“You must be sooooooo busy with 4…..”

“I don’t know how you do it!”

“Where on earth do you find the time?”

But you know what?

EVERYONE is in exactly the same boat.

Everyone is BUSY.

And I honestly don’t think I am any busier than most people I know…..

We ALL have busy stuff going on.

Stuff that we run around trying to get done, stuff that we think about, stuff that we worry about, stuff that we keeps us up at night……


That’s why I think that’s why its important to stop sometimes…..


And just…..be…..

Have you done that lately?

Just sat?

Not me.

I’d fall asleep. (Thanks Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnoea).

Actually, to be honest, I am trying to stop a bit more lately.

Stop…..and just have a cuddle with one of my kids.

Stop…..and just drink my morning coffee and not look at my phone.

Stop…..and watch a little bit of trashy tv…..

Stop…..and just…….relax….

Because…..you know what?

There are actually NO TROPHIES for being the busiest….


I looked into it.

So if there are no awards or accolades, then why don’t we just stop sometimes and actually enjoy our busy lives…..

So I really do reckon, I am probably no busier than anyone else…….

I just think I may be a bit more insane.


And I bet that my couch is waaaaaayyyyy filthier than yours……. (shout out to my vegemite loving toddlers!)

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