People ask how I got into this business and I tell them: my own family.

This is my first baby.
She was such a delight – you know what its like, when you’re a first time Mum….
My eldest daughter, when she was born, was a thumb sucker.
“No worries,” I thought, “I’m in the dental industry. When the time comes, we’ll be able to fix it. ”
But after talking to all my dental and speech friends and workmates, it became crystal clear.
No one had any idea.
So off to Dr Google and online shopping.
Four sets of nail biting polish and two thumb guards, and we were out of ideas.
Meanwhile, Miss A sucked and sucked her thumb quite happily (and at times, unhappily, especially when we were putting the pressure on her to stop).
I was giving up hope.
Her cute little habit was getting less and less cute the older she got.
Not only that, it was starting to impact on our family.
On our relationship.
I was angry with her all the time. She was ashamed and unhappy.
She had no idea how to stop.
I wish I hadn’t worried about it so much.
After years of me stressing and worrying over her thumb sucking, she finally stopped when she was 5.
On the first day.
We did a cute little program that, in turn, became my inspiration for The Thumbsucking Clinic.
And this weekend, she turns 13 years old.
I can’t believe how the time flies.
Happy birthday my darling girl.
You make me smile every single day. xx

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