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This week I was the Mum, not the health clinician….

By March 17, 2018 No Comments

As I sat and waited for my second daughter to come out of her surgery, I thought about all of the parents out there who are constant champions for their kids health.

The parents who say “this isn’t right” when people tell them they are overreacting.

Parents who want the best for their kids, even when they are met with road blocks, when they have been told they are over the top.

I raise my glass to you all.

I am also that parent.

This week, my little girl had her second lot of surgery for her airways since she was born.

Despite all my fighting over the years, after her initial surgery, after all the different therapies and remedies we tried, I KNEW something was still WRONG.

Her OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA went undiagnosed until her 10th year.


Obstructive Sleep Apnoea has been choking my little girl in her sleep her whole life.

And we had no idea.

After many years of difficulty with schooling, years of her feeling grumpy, overtired, overwhelmed……..now we know.

And in 6 weeks we will know if she is cured.

My hope for my child is this;

That she won’t be a kid who will grow up into adulthood with headaches and jaw pain.

That she won’t be an adult who has botox injections in her face to stop her horrific jaw pain.

That she won’t be an adult who has a C-PAP machine to help her to breathe at night.

That she won’t have excessive wear on her adult teeth from grinding and clenching her teeth through agonising sleepless nights. So much that she breaks through splints and splits through fillings in her teeth.

That she won’t have a small lower jaw and a face that looks like its melting away.

That she won’t have increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, anxiety and depression.

In 6 weeks, I hope we can alter the trajectory of her whole life..

But most of all, in 6 weeks, I hope she can finally sleep peacefully.

Because if she does……then maybe,


I might too…….Carla x