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When everyone sleeps well, the world looks brighter…

By February 17, 2018 No Comments

Cruising into the weekend with this little guy!

An update on Master R……

If you haven’t ready his story, scroll back and take a look.

Our little guy had always been a difficult sleeper, and being our 4th child, we knew something wasn’t right. Lots of screaming and crying out all night for no apparent reason.

He was a year old, and things didn’t seem to be improving.

When I last spoke about Master R on this page, I had just found out through a sleep study that our little guy was waking 22 times an hour when asleep.

Back arching and choking in his sleep (which we were totally unaware of), it was found that it was likely that gastro-esphogeal reflux was disturbing his sleep.

Well, its been almost 3 months off dairy and on specific medication under the care of his amazing Sleep Physician and – what a different child!

I’m so happy to report that he has been sleeping through the night and is generally just a happier, more content little person……


For all you Mummas out there, its always worth pushing and investigating if you don’t think things are right.

As women, our stoicism isn’t always our best friend.

Even as a health clinician, I found it hard to recognise what was going on as a potential medical issue……

As for this little Wildling, its still a journey, but we are on the right track…..

And you know what?

When everyone sleeps well, it’s amazing how beautiful the world looks all of a sudden…..

Have a great weekend …..Carla xxxx