As a dental health professional, I was untrained and useless…..

But as a parent, it was even worse….

It all started when my little girl couldn’t stop sucking her thumb…..

And it turned into an obsession.

An obsession about why I wasn’t equipped as a dental health professional with the knowledge to help her…..

About why no-one else I knew was either……..

About why her habit was so dismissed….

So “not a priority”…..

It just wasn’t good enough to me.


For my kids……

For anyone’s kid.

And it led me to this….

This career of searching and researching and caring….for lots of kids, not just my own.

And boy, what a beautiful, rewarding time I have had!

Treating thumb, finger and pacifier sucking habits is a tricky business, especially when its prolonged and nothing seems to be working….

I feel like I’ve practically seen it all over the last 8 years…

From the child who has had spikes in their mouth for years and was still sucking……

To the kid who chewed through 3 plastic thumb guards…..

Its tough on some families… me….I know…..

Because I’ve seen it all…..

But I have also been the Mum too….

And every day I get emails from patients all over the world, just begging for help.

You see they’ve done everything…..

They’ve reached out to everyone they can….

And still, nothing has worked….

But this work is specialised…. and I can’t be everywhere…..

So in March this year, I began training a small group of amazing and talented clinicians in the ways of The Thumbsucking Clinic and I am proud to announce that last week, they officially finished their intensive online training…….

And we now have the first of the certified Thumbsucking Clinic providers in QLD, VIC, WA and the even the USA!

But I am looking for MORE people to train to help the children of the world!!

PASSIONATE and BRILLIANT people who want to help…..

Who want to have these tools in their toolbox…..

Who want to say “yes, I can help you” to their patients….

To help grow their practices and do the work they love to do – helping families and children to grow beautiful faces and smiles…..

And build beautiful relationships with families that remain for years (you know who you are – shout out to all my beautiful TSC families!!!)

So if you are a passionate and brilliant Dental, Speech or Health professional or know someone who is, get them to contact us now!

Its time to spread the love!

These kids deserve it!

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