Eating and chewing can make our kids beautiful!

Its true!

With yoghurt now coming in packets you can suck out of…..

And water bottles the vessel of choice for drinking…..

Kids just aren’t getting the opportunity and developing the skills to chew hard crunchy foods and drink properly from cups as much anymore…

And funnily enough, these skills are actually IMPERATIVE for good face, mouth, speech and dental development!

Something no-one ever told you right????

In a world that is focused on convenience, somewhere along the way we have forgotten that babies and kids need to go through a series of basic oral development milestones, right from birth……

And if they don’t?

Well, things such as eating skills, face and mouth development, and even speech can be impacted…..

So what can you do NOW???

Lots of things actually!

1. Breastfeeding is fantastic for jaw muscles to develop, so if you can, good for you AND your bub!

2. If you bottle feed, sit baby up at 90 degrees – don’t lay them back. Babies mouths are different to adults and the eustachian tube is more horizontal. Sitting bub up allows them to control the milk flow better and decrease risk of milk flowing back into the tubes.

3. Drink from a cup! Forget the sippy cups where you can – they’re designed for OUR convenience, not for kids drinking skills! Little babies are often cup fed from birth in certain situations, so please start helping bub with cup drinking skills from 6 months onwards…..a medicine cup is perfect to start with – easier to handle and only holds a small amount of water. Perfect!

4. Appropriate chewy toys! Most baby teething toys don’t go to the back molar area which is where bubs need the most oral stimulation. This specialised ARK toy in the picture shows a great image of a child using the toy with Mum’s guidance. Brilliant!

5. Come and see us if you’d like further guidance or advice for your child – we’re here to help!  Or check out our list of recommended providers in your area here.

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