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We are proud to introduce our TSC CERTIFIED PARTNER in ADELAIDE!

By August 11, 2018 No Comments

Meet Emily King. Paediatric Speech Pathologist with a passion to help children stop sucking their thumbs.

Emily is a certified practicing Speech Pathologist and a member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Emily prides herself on empowering children and their families to stop this habit which can often feel unbreakable.

As a mother of a child who sucked their thumb, Emily understands how tricky this habit can sometimes be to change. Emily tried all the tricks in the book in attempt to help her daughter with little success.

This lead Emily into a new area of in-depth study around the physiological and psychological causes and effects of thumb sucking, recently completing her Certification training with us here at The Thumbsucking Clinic.

We are extremely proud to have Emily on board, bringing this amazing service to the children and families of Adelaide and surrounds.

In Adelaide and need help? Shoot The Thumbsucking Centre Adelaide an email! Emily is ready to help you and your child.