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5 things every parent should know about thumb and finger sucking…..

By August 13, 2018 No Comments
  1. PLEASE DON’T STRESS…..there is a lot of help out there for parents now and we don’t want you to worry.  There is also a lot of help with orthodontics as well if you have concerns about your child’s teeth
  2. START TAKING NOTICE OF WHAT WHEN YOUR CHILD IS SUCKING…… are they more likely to do when they are going off to sleep?  Does stress or anxiety make it worse?  Do they do it in the car?  Start taking of notice what environments it is happening in and what situations make it worse?
  3. SUCKING IN BABIES IS NORMAL……it you have a 6 month or who is sucking their thumb, it is normal.  We expect to see it and it is developmentally normal….most kids grow out of their sucking habits anyway.
  4. INTENSITY, FREQUENCY & DURATION……Intensity is hard a child is sucking – a child who is sucking hard is going to create more issues than a child who is sucking only mildly.  Similarly, frequency or HOW OFTEN a child is sucking their thumb also has an impact…..a child who is sucking in several settings will probably impact more on their teeth than a child who is only sucking to go to sleep.  Finally, duration is HOW LONG they are sucking – a child who is sucking 8 8 hours will have more impact on their teeth than a child who sucking only for 10 minutes a day.
  5. GET SOME ADVICE IF YOU ARE WORRIED….we are always here to help.  Our philosophy is very child centric and individualise.  Don’t be stressed, you’re not alone we have helped hundred of children and we can help yours too.

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