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Spikes in the mouth should never be the first option…

By July 26, 2018 No Comments

Its hard to believe but its true…

For a long time, this is the only option the dental community has had when home remedies haven’t worked.

For some, it has been the only option on offer.

And I’m sorry.

But you see, we ARE trying….

Some of us are really really trying…..

Because we understand that our patients are little people who need guidance….

And understanding…..


Not just passive appliances for mouths, for hands…..

And the research is catching up…..(more research here!)

You see, in my clinic, I have seen so many failures…..


Children who have had these sorts of things in….

Not for months as they were intended…..

But YEARS…..



And they are still FAILING.

These children are STILL SUCKING.

And things are not getting better.

Now don’t get me wrong…..some children have success with passive appliances…

But as a mother….


They just don’t sit well with me as the first and only offered option by oral health professionals.

Firstly, they don’t allow the tongue to sit in the roof of the mouth during rest or swallowing.

And if you are an oral health clinician, you will know that is extremely important for oral development, speech and eating.

Secondly they are PASSIVE.

Which means they are placed in the mouth without any involvement from the child.

And thirdly, they are not nice.  At all.

They just aren’t.

This SHOULD NOT  be the FIRST option.

There HAS to be a better way.

And there is……

There IS a better way and YOU as a parent HAVE A RIGHT TO DEMAND IT.

Our programs have been published in research papers and have
shown to be successful in helping kids quit as well as being helpful in closing over bites and over-jets….

Yes, they take time.

But all good things do.

And when we are talking about little people and their fragile growing confidence and happiness, its worth it.

So ask your oral health clinician for an alternative option to begin with for your child….

And if your clinician doesn’t know about our programs, WE CAN TRAIN THEM.  CLICK HERE for a full list of our amazing trained clinicians!

Because we do that too…………… and we have lots of great providers all over the world helping kids with our our awesome programs.

Do you and your team want offer your patients the best preventative care possible?  Contact us about our training programs today.