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Thumb Sucking Quit

Programs and advice for kids of all ages

Thumb Sucking Clinic is where all the cool kids hang out. It’s the right place for parents to get information at the earliest opportunity. So come on in and make yourself comfy.

We kick things off by taking comprehensive records and a thorough assessment of your child’s habits. This helps us to see the effect their sucking is having on their growth and development.

Finally, we create a tailored plan for your child and their sucking habit. This includes personalised strategies to help minimise the impact of their sucking.

Pacifier Quit

Did you meet your parenting match when it came time to prise your child’s pacifier from their grip?

At Thumb Sucking Clinic, we’ve helped countless parents with pacifier problems! From parents who don’t know where to start, to families who’ve had to abort Operation Pacifier after only a few days. Or hours.

Are you worried that your child has or will have their beloved pacifier longer than they should? Or concerned about tooth and jaw development issues? The team at Thumb Sucking Clinic are the go-to pros.

We have advice, ideas, and all the right information to help your child quit their pacifier the first time. (And well before they move out of home).

We can also provide a formalised pacifier-quit program with your child if you need one.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Programs

Individualised programs for children and adults

When it comes to growing healthy faces, ‘one-size-fits-all’ therapy does not apply.

That’s why our face and mouth muscle therapy programs are all about YOU.

We focus on your problem, whether its your tongue rest, swallowing issues or an open mouth.

We create a program that’s not only individualised, but also fun and engaging. And we work best in a team! That’s why we work with Orthodontists, Dentists, ENTs and Doctors to achieve the best results for you.

Tongue Tie Assessment for Babies and Kids

Worried about tongue and lip tie in your child?

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with current research and guidelines when it comes to treatment for tongue and lip tie.

Research in this area is ongoing. We LOVE research because it helps us to stick to the facts. And one important fact about tongue and lip tie is this:

FUNCTION is the most important thing when it comes to tongue and lip tie NOT appearance.

So come on in and get the facts for yourself!

We assess all kinds of tongue and lip ties in toddlers, children and adults. We also provide recommendations for support and referral for release.

We don’t treat tongue or lip tie ourselves so we’re kind of like Switzerland – neutral! And as Orofacial Myologists, we care the most about your child’s oral function.

We work only with specialists and qualified experts in tongue and lip tie release.

Myofunctional Therapy for Sleep Apnoea in Children and Adults

Myofunctional exercises are an excellent adjunctive therapy for mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

We work with both adults and children in this area to improve their sleep outcomes.

We treat patients pre and post surgery and are familiar with all sleep apnoea appliances.