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Thumb Sucking Clinic is where all the cool kids hang out. It’s the right place for parents to get information at the earliest opportunity. So come on in and make yourself comfy.

Its important you get the right information. 

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Pacifier Quit

Did you meet your parenting match when it came time to separating your child’s pacifier from their grip?

At Thumb Sucking Clinic, we’ve helped countless parents with pacifier problems!

From parents who don’t know where to start, to families who’ve had to abort Operation Pacifier after only a few days.

Or hours.

Are you worried that your child has or will have their beloved pacifier longer than they should?

Concerned about tooth and jaw development issues?

The team at Thumb Sucking Clinic are the go-to pros.

We have advice, ideas, and all the right information to help your child quit their pacifier the first time. (And well before they move out of home).

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Training for Health Professionals

Are you a health professional?

Do you have patients who need help stopping oral habits like thumb and finger sucking?

Learn evidence based practice and how to implement programs in thumb, finger and pacifier sucking habit correction.

 Grow your practice, expand your clinical skills and improve your patient oral development and speech outcomes.

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