There is no such thing as an orthodontic pacifier….

There’s no such thing as an orthodontic dummy…..


And I hate to the be the one to to tell you.


But there really isn’t.


There are big multi-million dollar companies that want you to think there are are pacifiers out there that don’t cause any harm…..


But it doesn’t matter what the label says,


There is actually no such thing as an orthodontic pacifier.


Oh there are various shapes and sizes to baffle and bewilder you…..


To puzzle and perplex you into a state of confusion…..


But there is just no such thing as an orthodontic pacifier….


No matter what they want you to believe.


So some pacifiers are rounded and bulbous in shape which helps to cup the tongue…..


Some pacifiers are tiny and flat to help the tongue go to the roof of the mouth…..


Some pacifiers are massive and made out of organic latex or natural rubber material to make you feel better about the environment or your hipster status…..


But one thing is for sure……


Pacifiers DO NOT ALLOW your child to babble and coo which helps them to prepare for speech….

Pacifiers DO NOT ALLOW your child to mimic your facial expressions to help them learn the expression of emotion….

Pacifiers DO NOT ALLOW our children to mouth other objects for enjoyment and oral discovery and development and preparation for solids…..

Pacifier DO NOT ALLOW teeth to erupt in a proper pattern and sequence which allows for a healthy occlusion or bite……


Lets be real.


Pacifiers are for PACIFYING…..


And if you are using it to pacify a baby under 6 months, then that is fine.


Just use the smallest pacifier teat you can find and use it to calm and soothe your baby when they need it.


But if you are using it for anything else….


If your child has a pacifier in regularly, walking around the house, sitting in the pram, playing with their toys and over the age of 6 months….




Because that pacifier will change your child’s mouth and move their teeth and affect their growth and development no matter what “orthodontic” shape it is……


So lets keep pacifiers for what they were intended for – keeping babies calm.


Because no matter what anyone tells you, I give you my word…….


There is NO such thing as an orthodontic pacifier.

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