We are proud to introduce our TSC CERTIFIED PARTNER in VIRGINIA, USA!

We are very proud to introduce our VERY FIRST Certified Thumbsucking Clinic partner from the UNITED STATES, THE THUMBSUCKING INSTITUTE in Virginia.

Led by experienced Speech Language Pathologist, Mary-Frances Gonzales, The Thumbsucking Institute is the very first of its kind in the US.

A former thumb sucker herself, Mary knows the impact that oral habits have on the development of the mouth. Utilising her training as an Orofacial Myologist, Mary began her Certified Partners training with us back in April and is now to proud to announce she has opened a clinic dedicated to eliminating all oral habits.

We are so proud and excited to have Mary and her team as a Certified Thumbsucking Clinic partner in Virginia, USA.

If you need help in the States – HERE is your expert. Give them a call or send them an email!

Ph:571 989 1190
email: [email protected]

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