Be gentle with me I'm only little…..

Over the years, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of children and spoken to many parents about their kids oral habits…..
And oh there are some weird habits going on out there!

But the one thing people are often surprised about is the fact that I don’t have a real militant approach to oral and sucking habits….
Surprising, I’m almost the opposite.
You see, there are normal times when kids can suck….
Yep, its true!
its actually all part of their process of oral development!
For babies its normal.
For infants and toddlers, mouthing is part of oral exploration and development…..
In fact, I’m pretty easy on any child who is sucking their digits under the age of 4.
Because not only do I know that 5 is the Magic Age…..
I also know that there are oral phases children need to go through for healthy mouth development…..
There are lots of things we can do for little people when they are young…..
And one of those things….?
Is to go easy on them……
Carla xx
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