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An Australian first, we help little people kick a not-so-cute habit. Backed by ground-breaking research, staggering success rates, a whole lot of care and all the fun you can handle, we rescue perplexed parents from a habit that can often seem unbreakable, and help kids develop a healthy jaw, face and overall wellbeing. We believe in taking a personalised approach, listening and understanding, and high-fives. Cool hey?

Meet Carla

We hate to #humblebrag, but there’s simply no-one more experienced than Carla and her team in Australia when it comes to thumb and finger sucking in children. Serious accolades, world-class credentials and a swag of happy parents and kids all point to the remarkable results she helps her young patients achieve – no matter their age. Ready to meet the woman who’s hero to countless families?
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For parents – facts and information
(that isn’t boring!)

The mighty dummy, thumb-sucking myths, and why it’s not just a well-executed haircut that can impact the shape of your child’s face. When countless health professionals, other parents and even strangers you meet in the street are happy to serve up their own (vague) advice around thumb sucking, what should you believe and how can you help your child quit? Our blog is a yawn-free zone and gives parents the right information in an easy to understand way.
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Most parents have exhausted every available ‘solution’ to quash their child’s thumb or finger sucking before they arrive at The Thumb Sucking Clinic, where we apply a unique approach to a common habit. Discover why our tailor-made programs have helped countless families escape the frustrations of thumb sucking and its impact on your child’s growth and development – no matter your child’s age.

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OUR CERTIFIED PRACTICE PARTNER IN BUNBURY WA! We are so proud that we have the talented Dr Carmel Lloyd as our Certified Practice Partner in Bunbury, WA. Dr Carmel Lloyd is a General dentist with focus on Special needs dentistry,…

Don’t ignore the snore!

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If your child snores, its worth checking out. A 2012 study from the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology found that children who snored appeared to suffer impairment in neurocognitive and behavioral functions compared to non-snoring children, even if they didn't…


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I was interviewed for an article a few weeks ago and I was asked, "Carla, in 80 years time, with all this thumb sucking clinic stuff you're doing, what would you like to be remembered for?" It was really confronting.…

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