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Got a problem with a thumb sucking, finger sucking or pacifier habit at your house? No worries. Because at Thumbsucking Clinic, we have BIG solutions for your little one’s smile.

At Thumbsucking Clinic, our goal is to help every child stop their habit the healthy way.

We’re the experts in thumb, finger and pacifier sucking habits.

Meet Carla

Time to #humblebrag. There’s no-one more experienced than our team when it comes to stopping thumb sucking in children. And the woman leading the charge is none other than Carla Lejarraga…..

A mum of two former thumb suckers herself, Carla’s been in your exact shoes. And she knows how frustrating it is as a parent when your child has this habit. But even better. She knows how to tackle it.

Ready to meet the woman who’s hero to countless families?

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For parents – facts and information (that isn’t boring!)

The mighty pacifier, thumb sucking myths, and why it’s not only a haircut that can impact the shape of your child’s face.

When every man, dog and even the lady at the checkout has an opinion, who and what should you believe? And how can you actually help your child to stop their habit?

Our blog is a yawn-free zone and gives parents the right information in an easy to understand way.

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By the time they get to us, most parents have tried every ‘solution’ for thumb or finger sucking habits. So don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Trying to stop thumb sucking doesn’t have to be a battlefield. 

How do we know?  We’ve helped hundreds of children all over Australia.

Latest news & events

With all that has been happening in the last week, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close the doors to Thumbsucking Clinic for the moment.   Treating oral habits is not essential right now.   Your child’s happiness and your own sanity is.   We hope to start posting some …
As clinicians, we are used to having bodies in our dental chairs – heads back, mouths open and teeth being counted, tissues being examined. But one of the best things we can do for our patients is take more note of their faces and mouths BEFORE they even get in the dental chair. Touted as …
The Australian Dental Association recommends that babies have their first dental assessment when their first tooth is visible or by 12 months. Would YOU know what to do? First tooth, lumpy gums, tongues with ties, oral reflex development…..would YOU know what’s normal, how to recognise variations, how to screen for anomalies and when to refer …

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