Big solutions

for little smiles

Big solutions

for little smiles

Welcome to the
Thumbsucking Clinic

A place for both parents and professionals; we have Big Solutions for Little Smiles.
Backed by ground-breaking research and years of clinical experience, we are world class experts in the field of oral habits like thumb, finger and pacifier sucking.
Our mission is to look after each and every child’s overall health and wellbeing. To get the best results, we take a personalised approach to each case and consider the health of the whole child, not just their mouth.

Meet Carla

We hate to #humblebrag, but there’s simply no-one more experienced than Carla and her team in Australia when it comes to thumb and finger sucking in children. Serious accolades, world-class credentials and a swag of happy parents and kids all point to the remarkable results she helps her young patients achieve – no matter their age. Ready to meet the woman who’s hero to countless families?
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For parents – facts and information
(that isn’t boring!)

The mighty dummy, thumb-sucking myths, and why it’s not just a well-executed haircut that can impact the shape of your child’s face. When countless health professionals, other parents and even strangers you meet in the street are happy to serve up their own (vague) advice around thumb sucking, what should you believe and how can you help your child quit? Our blog is a yawn-free zone and gives parents the right information in an easy to understand way.
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Our Services

Most parents have exhausted every available ‘solution’ to quash their child’s thumb or finger sucking before they arrive at The Thumb Sucking Clinic, where we apply a unique approach to a common habit. Discover why our tailor-made programs have helped countless families escape the frustrations of thumb sucking and its impact on your child’s growth and development – no matter your child’s age.

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With all that has been happening in the last week, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close the doors to Thumbsucking Clinic for the moment.   Treating oral habits is not essential right now.  …

A fantastic time to do an examination is when the patient isn’t even in the chair….

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As clinicians, we are used to having bodies in our dental chairs - heads back, mouths open and teeth being counted, tissues being examined. But one of the best things we can do for our patients is take more note…

Our latest course training dental professionals in examining 0-4 years

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The Australian Dental Association recommends that babies have their first dental assessment when their first tooth is visible or by 12 months. Would YOU know what to do? First tooth, lumpy gums, tongues with ties, oral reflex development.....would YOU know…

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Are you an Orthodontist, General Dental Practitioner, Paediatric Dental practitioner or Speech Pathologist ready to take your clinic to the next level? The Thumb Sucking clinic is extending the opportunity for savvy health professionals to align their clinics with our well known and highly reputable brand. Grow your team’s skills, expand your client base and fast-track your practice’s success with our highly successful research-based treatment programs.

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