Carla LejarragaDental Hygienist, and Orofacial Myologist
Director of The Thumbsucking Clinic

A Little bit About Us

The Thumbsucking Clinic is a private clinic located in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. We provide information and services for parents and children who need help with the healthy development of a child’s face and jaw.

Carla Lejarraga is the founder of the company, Dental Hygienist and Orofacial Myologist. Carla has been practicing Orofacial Myology since 2010 and enjoys working closely with dentists, orthodontists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists to achieve the best results for her patients.

As dental professionals, our aim is not only to help stop the habit, but encourage children’s proper facial and orthodontic growth. Our focus is on growing beautiful smiles and faces. Our website is also a great resource guide for parents who wish to try to help their child stop thumb sucking, finger sucking or dummy sucking on their own. We have articles and information on many topics and have products available for purchase.

Our Clinic is devoted to five major areas for thumb sucking:

1. Normal feeding and chewing behaviours
2. High quality appropriate products for feeding, oral hygiene and oral behaviours (such as dummies, sippy cups, chewing products)
3. Maintaining healthy airways
4. Healthy toned oral and facial muscles
5. Good spinal posture.

Carla graduated from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, with a Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Oral Health) in 2000. She has worked for the majority of her career as a dental hygienist in neuromuscular dental practices, and has trained extensively in the United States and Australia in this field of dentistry.

The Thumbsucking Clinic was started after she found herself the mother of a thumb-sucking child. Her interest turned to oral and facial development that lead her to train with Sandra Coulson, COM, from The Coulson Institute in 2010 and furthered her Orofacial Myology knowledge in 2011 with The Academy of Orofacial Myology, California. Carla also trained with The Buteyko Clinic of Ireland in 2010 in California and is a qualified Breathing Educator.

Carla teaches Orofacial Myology practice to dental and speech professionals from all over Australia with The Australian Orofacial Myology Lecture Series. She also lectures locally and internationally regarding her work in child facial development and has been featured in various newspapers, magazines as well as on ABC radio. She is currently involved in research with the dental school at James Cook University Cairns, in regards to her digit sucking programs.

Carla is also the Co-author of “Influence of non-Orthodontic intervention on digit sucking and consequent anterior open bite: a preliminary study” (International Dental Journal, August 2015). This is the first study to ever suggest a relationship between NOI – non-orthodontic intervention and the closure of anterior open bite suggesting for the first time an association between NOI and cessation of the digit sucking habit.

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